The shirtdress



Is there any type of garment more magical than a dress? With, maybe, the coat, the dress is the only garment that really draws a silhouette. Other types of clothes have to work together to compose a silhouette, an ensemble _ only the dress is self-sufficient. I didn’t wear any during a long time: as a teenager I might have worn a few skirts, or dresses over trousers, under sweaters (eeek). I retrospectively wonder wether I was ready to give them all the importance they deserved.  Continue reading “The shirtdress”



I took the opportunity of our photo session with Madhya to take this skirt in picture as well. When I brought this fabric home, my boyfriend confirmed my vague fears : yes, this fabric looks a bit like an old lady’s curtains. It’s undeniable I’m a bit of an old lady myself : I drink chamomille tea, which I don’t really need since I start dozing around 10.45 PM when we’re out. I’m a (crazy?) cat lady since I was a toddler, and during winter, I wear full-length slips in order to be cozy under my dresses.  Continue reading “Granny-ish”

Panorama pavot



Back when I started this blog, I had big, big sewing plans, and among them, a jacket or a coat. It didn’t happen : I’m a big procrastinator and a leather jacket wearer. Plus coats are a bit intimidating, right? However, when Eleonore, the talented designer behind Deer and doe released the  Pavot jacket, it suddenly seemed… feasible. It took me some time, but here I am : I made a coat _ quite a milestone in a seamstress’ life.  Continue reading “Panorama pavot”

Gingham summer


Vacations have come to an end, but not the summer, which fortunately ends on september 21st. Which leaves me the chance to show what I’ve been up to since june, and also the hope that I’ll get to wear my new clothes a few times before the beginning of fall.

I changed a few things to my original plan, but mostly stuck to it, and I’m pretty proud of myself : I found myself travelling with a perfectly matching wardrobe, including my brand new home made garments. Despite the use of a plain and of a striped fabric, thic capsule wardrobe is mostly about gingham: I must be slightly more under Bardot’s influence than I am keen to admit. Continue reading “Gingham summer”


jupe qui tourneIsn’t spring fabulous? Always managing to make me doubt of its very existence, then appearing when I forgot everything about its supposed come-back (and letting me die of heat under my winter coat). But some parisians remembered to hear the weather report this week and sat in shirts at tables outside of the cafés, and the trees were blooming around Vincennes (a parisian suburb where I’ve been working these two last weeks). Even the parc de Bercy (a garden not far from my usual movie theater) seemed greener, probably supporting the collective effort. Then, what about my own spring project?

jupe détails

Not only did I make the mistake to have a pajama break, but I was foolish enough to start three projects at a time (as if being practical wasn’t enough of a problem for me). The project is a simple circle skirt made in sunny yelow and blue madras. I love how full and high-waisted it is! I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be part of the rockabilly-inpired wardrobe that seems to be on trend for this spring, but if fashionistas want to go to dance, this is certainly the right skirt to wear. It’s really nothing special (even for me!), but I chose to hem it wih a matching Liberty bias, too; the kind of detail  I’ll be the only one to notice, but am sure to enjoy every time I put the skirt on. When I went out this morning, spring was actually gone, but at least I still have the flowers…

(and now, if someone can explain why on these pictures my knees are twice as pink _and not as pretty_ as those of the creatures Marguerite Sauvage draws, I’d be curious to know…)

Mini bloomers & men’s pajamas

I look rather silly, sort-of-dancing like that, but hey, I was listening to the Kinks (at least I had fun)!

Yes, it’s been a long time! But that was actually the time it took me to move my blog (super tough for a definitely-not-geek person) and decide whether I wanted to post (bad) pictures of me wearing bloomers on the world-wide-web. Surprisingly, the answer is yes! Why? because to me, style depends on homewear and lingerie as much as it depends on “regular” clothes.

The latter express the social aspect of style, affecting on the infamous ‘first impression’ to the eyes of strangers, communicating our mood to our close ones, but I believe that what is hidden under those clothes, or in the privacy of homes and bedrooms, says a lot about people. Some only take their clothes off only at bedtime, some take off their shoes and change their whole outfit as soon as they’re at home. Some women would rather go naked than wear mismatched undergarments, some men could cry after the ragged, yet beloved cocoon that once was their nightrobe. As for myself, I might actually trade ten years of my life against the gift to sew my dream underwear. This being said, it’s not a surprise that one of my goals for this year is to practice sewing homewear… Here is what I’ve been up to lately.

It all begun with menswear-inspired pyjamas, a fantasy of mine I was reminded of by this image, made out of a vintage pattern designed by one of my personnal icons, designer John Kloss. As I had lots of this fabric, I also made a camisole and Madeleine mini bloomers (I’m thrilled with those). I’m only half happy with my sets, as both the camisole and the shirt are filled with errors and wonky stitches. I tried to make french seams and other fancy stuffs I don’t want to bother my readers with, but looking back at it I realize how silly it is to work so long on a poor quality fabric. Dear pyjamas, I swear that not only your next version will be neater, but that I will cut it in no less than Hermès cotton shirting!