Selected cuts – 3


I watch way too many series for my own good. I usually watch series while sewing, since they keep me company without being too much of a distraction from my handiwork. Since you can multitask watching series much more easily than by reading, I’ve noticed my time watching series now exceeds my time reading, which is quite a big shift for me!

I confess I sometimes watch stupid things, but my new addiction also made me discover great things. Since fall is back, and always makes me want to curl under a plaid with a cup of tea, I figured I could share some of them here… Continue reading “Selected cuts – 3”

A fresh new look

René Gruau - Sourire, écharpe, manteau à pois

This blog has changed a bit, certainly because I have changed a bit myself (having moved from one city to another, among other things). I had grown quite tired of the former design (the enigmatic and inquisitive Miss Dior by René Gruau), so it had to go (altough René Gruau is still there, as you can see). There were more in-depth modifications, among them Continue reading “A fresh new look”

I’ll be your mirror


Last week-end, I went to a wedding. It rained (it’s considered lucky in France, but I think it’s mostly to compensate for the lack of sun at your wedding), we drunk, danced and celebrated. I had (of course) made my own dress for the occasion. But there’s more: I might be slightly deranged, but I also made a bow tie for my date, out of the same fabric as my dress. Continue reading “I’ll be your mirror”



I took the opportunity of our photo session with Madhya to take this skirt in picture as well. When I brought this fabric home, my boyfriend confirmed my vague fears : yes, this fabric looks a bit like an old lady’s curtains. It’s undeniable I’m a bit of an old lady myself : I drink chamomille tea, which I don’t really need since I start dozing around 10.45 PM when we’re out. I’m a (crazy?) cat lady since I was a toddler, and during winter, I wear full-length slips in order to be cozy under my dresses.  Continue reading “Granny-ish”

Why do I sew?


“Handmade clothes increase the feeling that they blend in with us, with our flesh, but also with them who, patiently, made them to fit us”

I’m currently reading Dressing, by Jane Sautière, and this sentence made me finally write this post. That’s it. That’s the reason why I sew. To find, beyond ready-to-wear’s anonymous clothes, something that would make one with me. That’s also the reason why I’m so fascinated by the notion of style (which is not all about clothes). To me, style is the material, clothing, litterary, or cinematographic signature of a personality. I’m not foolish enough to believe that elegant people are better than the others, but I’m nonetheless fascinated by the matter. I love the fact that a movie character’s wardrobe tells me so much about them that the scenario doesn’t even mention. It’s simply part of them.

While I’m not a fictional character, I always dreamt to have a costume that would tell everybody who I am. And to prove my uniqueness (and to satisfy my clothing demands), what’s better than sewing? Preferring the fit of a high-waisted skirt or, on the contrary, the ease of a flowing blouse, a flared skirt rather than a straight one… Beyond the notion of style, I think that sewing is paying attention to your body : looking at it, measuring it, adorning it, sometimes repairing it. Taking the time to think , to make, stitch by stitch (I enjoy the hand finishing), at our own pace, what will fit one’s body and one’s soul. A very special way to pay attention.



“Hey! I did my Koromogae, last week-end!  _ Your what, Carlotta?”

My love for weird foreign concept (or, should we simply call it snobism?) won’t do me any good. Koromogae, if you briefly lived in Japan (or read a lot of shojo mangas), is the big wardrobe turnover that Japanese students and salarymen do twice a year, in April and October.

While I love the idea for itself (such a radical change in everybody’s daylife in a week-end), it is no surprise that koromogae also has practical assets : place is often an issue in Japan, and this storage turnover allows averybody to keep less seasonable items in more remote places of your home. I’ve been doing my Koromogae every 6 months for at least two and a half years, and I find it highly profitable :

1. It’s the perfect opportunity to draw conclusions from the past season: everything you didn’t wear has to go to the charity shop, everything that’s too worn-out gets recycled; therefore, twice a year, you get to refine the content of your wardrobe.

2. Thanks to the lavender bags that I put among my cashmere sweaters (I’m afraid of mites), my flat smells like heaven for days.

3. A less crowded closet is a clear closet: not only it’s more agreeable, but also I get a better sense of what I have when getting dressed.

4. I’m such a sucker for neatly organized things: this way I even get to fold my socks and divide them between “winterly” and “summerly” colors (I still have hesitations concerning grey socks).

5. You’re as happy to find your spring clothes after 6 months of separation, as you would be to meet long-lost friends again (if you’re not, maybe you should refer to point n°1).

6. Since my significant one seems to find me a tiny little bit frivolous, it’s nice he only gets to see half my clothes at once (he has 6 months to forget about the other half).

7. Since I don’t have the necessary storage space to keep the other half of my closet, koromogae is also an excellent opportunity to see my beloved parents!

8. Finally, as we enjoy the first rays of sun of the year, the clotheshorse is drawn to the koromogae just like Parisians are drawn en masse to parks and terraces: it is an instinct, a fever, a celebration of nature – our own rite of spring.

As I answered this call two weeks ago, the sun was high and we had had our first lunch outside. It’s been cold and rainy ever since. All my warm, cozy clothes are at my parent’s place.

Damn rite of spring.

Long time no see…


I’m back to blogging. In the meantime, I…

left Paris – loved Nantes – came back to Paris – worked –  travelled (a bit) – loved (a lot) – purchased lots of boots – lots of cashmere stuffs too – sewed a lot – moved home at least four times – redecorated a bit too much – watched too many series (they keep me company while sewing) – tried to enter prestigious French Fashion Institute – succeeded, but decided not to go – tried and failed a yoga routine too many times – spent too much time on Pinterest – discovered Instagram (so much better than Twitter!) – sung and played, both alone and in a band, and before an audience – begun to get a better sense of what “my style” could be – introduced a dear friend to make-up, and another one to sewing – discovered life without contacts nor glasses – fell on my back, and realized the importance of good health – drafted new year resolutions for 2014 – oh well, I lived.

See you very soon!