A fresh new look

René Gruau - Sourire, écharpe, manteau à pois

This blog has changed a bit, certainly because I have changed a bit myself (having moved from one city to another, among other things). I had grown quite tired of the former design (the enigmatic and inquisitive Miss Dior by René Gruau), so it had to go (altough René Gruau is still there, as you can see). There were more in-depth modifications, among them Continue reading “A fresh new look”

Long time no see…


I’m back to blogging. In the meantime, I…

left Paris – loved Nantes – came back to Paris – worked –  travelled (a bit) – loved (a lot) – purchased lots of boots – lots of cashmere stuffs too – sewed a lot – moved home at least four times – redecorated a bit too much – watched too many series (they keep me company while sewing) – tried to enter prestigious French Fashion Institute – succeeded, but decided not to go – tried and failed a yoga routine too many times – spent too much time on Pinterest – discovered Instagram (so much better than Twitter!) – sung and played, both alone and in a band, and before an audience – begun to get a better sense of what “my style” could be – introduced a dear friend to make-up, and another one to sewing – discovered life without contacts nor glasses – fell on my back, and realized the importance of good health – drafted new year resolutions for 2014 – oh well, I lived.

See you very soon!

Heading west


I was slightly absent, but events took an unexpected turn and I will soon set my camp in the beautiful city of Nantes. Needless to say, my fall sewing plans and ramblings about style and such aren’t my priority right now… To be continued!

Head in a cloud (of images)

I’m not done with the gigantic paper I have to write yet, but phew! things are looking up. By the way, I hope you like the illustration today : the original was on auction at Christie’s last April, and I think it stands perfectly for the enchanting movie I’m currently working on, the quirky maze of my mind, and the atrocious headaches that strike me from time to time.

I don’t write nor sew currently, but it doesn’t mean I dont think about it! On the contrary, since I discovered Pinterest, I just found a terrific new toy. ‘Terrific’ is appropriate, because I lost some time I couldn’t afford to lose on this website. The idea of putting together images of things you like is far from revolutionary, but I rather like the presentation (or maybe it was Amélie‘s kitten wall that made me sway).

Well, it changes everything! I usually stock every picture I like in the depths of my computer, but it isn’t really of much use (and I usually have a hard time finding them again). Pinterest obliges me to sort them from the beginning, and it’s quite funny to look at your boards and to see what inspired you yesterday and today : as an example, my Summer wardrobe inspiration board begun as a rather fifties moodboard, then shifted to nautical style, then to stripes, then to chevrons. You can surprise yourself, too. When I dedicated a board to black lingerie, I didn’t expect it to include straps of all sorts ; nor did I realize that I happen to like a particularly cliché type of girl. I can’t say much more at the moment (remember, I’m not done with my paper yet), but should you have lots of time to spend on the internet, I would highly recommend this thing. Just take care : the stuff is addictive!

Fresh start



New Year, new blog. I usually prefer to take good resolutions in september, but this January month happens to be very special for me. Here are a few of those that will hopefully have their place on this blog. In 2011, I hope I will:

  • Find my style. I wish there were a slightly less naive formulation, but that’s exactly what this is about; I have more clothes than I need but they’re never the right ones, at the right time : too large, not matching, or simply not me. In one year, I would like my close ones to see me coming and say “Hey, this is Carlotta, dressed like Carlotta, and it looks good!”. One the same subject, I’d like to learn a bit more about make up and hairdo.
  • Improve my sewing skills. Directly related to former point. I’m a messy, lazy half-beginner with no will to challenge myself, and it’s more than time to use the lovely patterns and fabric that currently occupy my parisian flat. More about that soon.
  • Learn about photography. Not only could this happen to be useful in my professional field, but I would like to learn about photomontage, a family tradition.
  • Document my daily life. Because I will never find my style, improve my sewing skills or practice photography if I cannot put all of that somewhere where I can look back at it and learn from my mistakes!
  • Keep playing music. Beginning to learn ukulele is definitely one of the best things I’ve done in 2010.
  • Keep being curious. Whereas curious, I’ve been lazy and especially shy for too long. I hope this blog will support this, too.

So, 2011 here I come!