Carlotta Who?

Carlotta is a pseudonym I’ve been using for a few years now. I used to add the last name of Stermaria as a nod to one of my favorite books to designate the elegant grown-up I hoped to (finally) become one day.

Due to some serendipitous misshap, I finally ditched the Stermaria : welcome home – you can call me Carlotta.

The blog

There’s a little bit of everything in this blog, which I consider as my own little corner of the internets, but it deals mostly with style: sewing, mostly, but also cinema and various thoughts about the way we inhabit our clothes and lives.

To illustrate my thoughts, I often use pictures by illustrator extraordinaire René Gruau, and sometimes I’m lucky enough to have my friend Nocturna take pictures for me. Sometimes, illustrations and pictures are just my own.


In real life, my name is Charlotte. I live in beautiful Nantes, in western France. Nantes boasts at being the hometown of Jules Verne, but to me it’s mostly the hometown of French director Jacques Demy (whom I love). There, I dance, play music (I sing and play ukulele), and ride a lovely blue bike.

Anything else?

If you have a question, some project you’d like to share with me, or are downright curious, you can write to me by using the form below. See you soon!