Mini bloomers & men’s pajamas

I look rather silly, sort-of-dancing like that, but hey, I was listening to the Kinks (at least I had fun)!

Yes, it’s been a long time! But that was actually the time it took me to move my blog (super tough for a definitely-not-geek person) and decide whether I wanted to post (bad) pictures of me wearing bloomers on the world-wide-web. Surprisingly, the answer is yes! Why? because to me, style depends on homewear and lingerie as much as it depends on “regular” clothes.

The latter express the social aspect of style, affecting on the infamous ‘first impression’ to the eyes of strangers, communicating our mood to our close ones, but I believe that what is hidden under those clothes, or in the privacy of homes and bedrooms, says a lot about people. Some only take their clothes off only at bedtime, some take off their shoes and change their whole outfit as soon as they’re at home. Some women would rather go naked than wear mismatched undergarments, some men could cry after the ragged, yet beloved cocoon that once was their nightrobe. As for myself, I might actually trade ten years of my life against the gift to sew my dream underwear. This being said, it’s not a surprise that one of my goals for this year is to practice sewing homewear… Here is what I’ve been up to lately.

It all begun with menswear-inspired pyjamas, a fantasy of mine I was reminded of by this image, made out of a vintage pattern designed by one of my personnal icons, designer John Kloss. As I had lots of this fabric, I also made a camisole and Madeleine mini bloomers (I’m thrilled with those). I’m only half happy with my sets, as both the camisole and the shirt are filled with errors and wonky stitches. I tried to make french seams and other fancy stuffs I don’t want to bother my readers with, but looking back at it I realize how silly it is to work so long on a poor quality fabric. Dear pyjamas, I swear that not only your next version will be neater, but that I will cut it in no less than Hermès cotton shirting!

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