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I’m back! Summer seems to be my favorite sewing season. But who doesn’t love summer clothes, so light and so bright? I, for one, since I can’t stand more than 79°F. But when in May, as the days get longer, the flowers bloom and the shop windows are filled with vividly colored clothes at lats, I can no longer resist nature (or, err… my nature?) and I just have to tackle my summer sewing. Anyway, the sun exposure must benefit my productivity, because I can show you not just one little piece, but a whole outfit! 

Is it the last strike of the brazilian trend that took the world over during soccer world cup last year? Or has the Tiki pop exhibition taken possession of my brain during this hard winter? or, simply, is the tight bond between ukulele music (I’ve played the instrument for years) and tiki culture finally having an effect on me? Anyway, I gathered and sewed many an exotic print this summer (and am still dreaming of a pink flamingo hawaiian shirt).

Among them, this tight pencil skirt covered with paradise birds. That print is a tad risqué for someone who usually favors plaids stipes ad occasionally liberty prints (but mostly on accessories). When I finished it, I didn’t think I would wear it very much : it’s short, it’s loud, it’s form-fitting. Yet I found it a surprising success : I regularly wore it during summer, especially during my vacations. Its busy print turned out to be an asset: the many bright colors make it compatible with plenty of colored tops, while its fitted shape looks slightly more put-together than my usual dirndl skirts with a simple T-shirt.

 As to this funny little peplum blouse, its fate was diametrically opposed to my bright skirt’s destiny. It seemed like a goo idea in theory : the ubiquitous back fabric, the easy-to-wear little peplum. Alas, this shape only works with very high-waisted bottoms, and this fabric wrinkles faster than I can blink, so the shirt spent the summer in a cupboard. Making your own clothes doesn’t mean you’re in control of the final result!

Bright, bright, bright pictures by Noctvrna.

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