Summer nostalgia

Well, that’s official: fall is here. I may have repeated to anyone who would hear it that “summer only ends on September 22nd”, I may have enjoyed one last sip of sun and sea last sunday at La Baule (I went there to support my now-triathlete boyfriend), yet I have to face the sad, grey truth: it drizzled on Nantes when I last took my bike and hell, I even sneezed. Summer is over. 

These pictures are slightly off-season, since they were taken in July, but I need them more than ever, at this time of the year when light, flat shoes get replaced by high boots, sunglasses by scarves. When layering takes over my wardrobe, and raises all sorts of questions forgotten for a season: is this pair of jeans tight enough to slip into a boot? Is it dark enough to wear it with a sweater? In times like these, I need to remember that there has been a golden season, when I only needed to wear a simple dirndl skirt over a T-shirt to get dressed. Hell, when I didn’t quite wear shoes all the time.

Like a keepsake, this typical summer outfit reminds me of summer days, when the time is slowing down, with terraces warming in the sun, long hair tickling bare backs, and long readings in the grass, when you end up with the grass printed on your elbow. And cats, tickling your legs with their whiskers, now that summer has brought you into their domain. I admit that’s a bit far-fetched to talk about a dirndl skirt that I must confess, I think is particularly well-made, but that is really nothing out of the ordinary. But without all the things we associate them with, our clothes, I must admit, would be nothing more than mere fabric.

Afternoon pictures are by Noctvrna.

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