A sewing year

gruau ruban noi

As stated before, one of my hopes for 2011 is to become a better seamstress. More experienced, of course, more careful, more diligent, but also more sensible, with the ambition of filling the ‘holes’ of my already pretty full, but not functional wardrobe. I don’t know if I will be able to tackle all this before the end of the year but it doesn’t really matter _ Tasia’s list and Ali’s capsule wardrobe were inspirations for my project, and none of them has an absolute deadline. Let’s just say I’d be very happy and proud of myself if I had sewn:

  • Lingerie. Or more generally, loungewear. I’m currently sewing a pajama, but I’m envisionning satin slips and silk velvet robes… Techniques to try out : biais, french seams and other delicate finshings (maybe even lace!), delicate fabrics.
  • Stretch projects. T-shirts to begin with, but the next step will obviously be dresses. What I will learn : how to use my serger!
  • A dress made after one of my (many) vintage patterns. And, if possible, more than one. For someone who considers dresses as the most ‘magical’ sort of garment (with coats), I really don’t wear enough of them. To try out: how to fit, and fancy finishings.
  • A new skirt. Or more : for summer, winter, full and flounced, pleated, mini, panelled… The main point is that I would like them to be as pretty from the inside as they might be in the outside. Techniques to try out : lining (how the hell would you line a pleated skirt?) and fancy finishings.
  • An accessory. I tend to neglect bags, purses and hats, whereas they can be really quick, fun projects.
  • Trousers. More elaborate than those I’ve already made, please, with darts, fitted waist, and weird stuff like adjusting the crotch length.
  • A blouse. More feminine and simple to make than a shirt, yet more elaborate than a t-shirt. I will have to work on collars, cuffs, and watch the way I finish my garments (as they’ll be closer to the eye than pants or skirts)… The logical evolution would be a fitted shirt, with a stand collar and buttons. Wow!
  • A jacket. Or even a coat. I know that tailoring is no picnic, full of creepy techniques I don’t fully understand, but I’d be happy to sew a little, say, corduroy jacket with a lining…

That’s only eight points for twelve big months, but I feel pretty ambitious as it is (not to mention the fact that I generally hope to make more than one garment of each category)… BUT instead of writing this post earlier, I progressed a lot on my pajamas, which is a pretty good sign, isn’t it?

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