About outfit pictures

Bloody hell. When I wrote my new year resolutions, I took the decision to document my daily life and outfits. My small flat lacking light, and lacking myself of photographic skills and talent, I totally neglected this part, even if I was pleased with some of my outfits (Dr. Sketchy’s Weimar Berlin, January 9th), went out of my comfort zone (New Burlesque Revue, January 25th), or even wore the best skirt I ever made (Andrée Putman exhibition, January 26th) during this month. At first, I hoped I could wait for a photography class to improve my technique, but this is no longer an option.

I wonder if all these reasons are not mere excuses to avoid taking outfit pictures: I fear that what I thought cute might happen to be banal, that the color of the skirt might never appear as it is, that my figure might look awkward, and my self-conscious face is grimacing.

Photographic skills are one thing, and I’ll try my best to do without them, at first. But those who, in pictures, have a natural expression and a radiant complexion, what is their secret?

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