Selected cuts – 3

I watch way too many series for my own good. I usually watch series while sewing, since they keep me company without being too much of a distraction from my handiwork. Since you can multitask watching series much more easily than by reading, I’ve noticed my time watching series now exceeds my time reading, which is quiteContinue reading “Selected cuts – 3”

A fresh new look

This blog has changed a bit, certainly because I have changed a bit myself (having moved from one city to another, among other things). I had grown quite tired of the former design (the enigmatic and inquisitive Miss Dior by René Gruau), so it had to go (altough René Gruau is still there, as you can see).Continue reading “A fresh new look”

I’ll be your mirror

Last week-end, I went to a wedding. It rained (it’s considered lucky in France, but I think it’s mostly to compensate for the lack of sun at your wedding), we drunk, danced and celebrated. I had (of course) made my own dress for the occasion. But there’s more: I might be slightly deranged, but IContinue reading “I’ll be your mirror”

In praise of cleavage

Of course this issue certainly varies in different countries, since modesty standards probably differ between Europe, America and Asia, but from my point of view, blogs display much less cleavage than girls do IRL (whereas they display more legs, barebacks or midriffs). Is it because cleavage is not so trendy these days? I remember reading aContinue reading “In praise of cleavage”