Selected cuts – 2

Rene Gruau Relax

Well, this blog has taken a few vacations. I hope to share more substantial posts soon, but here are a few almost-random thoughts 

  • This summer I stayed more than a week on the seaside, for the first time _ I rather vacationed in the Alps as a child. Is it the reason why I’m so helpless at planting my parasol in the sand? I always feel like it’s going to fly and plant itself in someone. Why isn’t there a common prudent, convenient solution?
  • I discovered body board (the kid stuff, yes), and am still laughing at the memory of it. Maybe I’ll try my hand at surfing in a few decades.
  • For the first time EVER, I managed to finish a sunscreen tube.
  • Seaside is an excellent place to observe the popular trend of T-shirts with inscriptions on it. Since most French people are not that fluent in English, some are quite funny : “Love makes me high”, “single” on tween chests (bet you they’re rather inexperienced at these matters), “your tent or mine?” with a festival image, worn by a girl in her early teens, accompanied by her mom. Conversation starter award goes to “Hipsters are not superheroes” _ I’m still wondering about this one.
  • It goes without saying, but Firenze is beautiful. Between the Loire valley and Tuscany, I might have developped a penchant for the Medici family.
  • Vacations were great, yet I’m a little sad I didn’t get to achieve two of my holiday fundamentals : eating a large cotton candy, and skinny dipping somewhere no one can see me. While Italian gelati compensated the lack of cotton candy, this great picture of Sofia Coppola may help me to wait till next year.
  • Speaking of cool dynasties : I love these pictures of the McCartneys : they’re so carefree and spontaneous, they ooze vacation time.

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