Sweetheart variations – 1

It´s one thing to say you matched your date’s bow tie to your dress, but then it´s time to show said dress to the world wide web.

This dress has a long, hard story. I begun to make it in 2011 (you can see the sketch here), but left it in a bag for a long while : the zipper was very difficult to insert on the thin cotton voile, lined with pale pink punged silk. Plus, to be honest, I had no real need of a slightly too short puffy dress with a lot of decolletage.

Things changed with the announcement of a certain wedding. Having of course decided to make my own dress, cut three patterns and one dress, I still wasn’t happy with my choices… I pulled the sleeping beauty out of its bag, lengthened it with a 6 meters frilly flounce, and voilà.

I don’t think I ever wore anything as girly as this. The pink, the flowers, the heart-shaped neckline, the floating skirt, the flounces… Add my patent pumps, the flowers I wore in my hair and my beau’s matching bow tie and it may have been just a little bit too much. But hey : I spent an excellent day in this dress, having had at least one occasion to wear such a frilly eccentricity, and have therefore no regrets. Sounds pretty OK to me.

pictures by Madhya!

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