Long time no see…

I’m back to blogging. In the meantime, I…

left Paris – loved Nantes – came back to Paris – worked –  travelled (a bit) – loved (a lot) – purchased lots of boots – lots of cashmere stuff too – sewed a lot – moved home at least four times – redecorated a bit too much – watched too many series (they keep me company while sewing) – tried to enter prestigious French Fashion Institute – succeeded, but decided not to go – tried and failed a yoga routine too many times – spent too much time on Pinterest – discovered Instagram (so much better than Twitter!) – sung and played, both alone and in a band, and before an audience – begun to get a better sense of what “my style” could be – introduced a dear friend to make-up, and another one to sewing – discovered life without contacts nor glasses – fell on my back, and realized the importance of good health – drafted new year resolutions for 2014 – oh well, I lived.

See you very soon!

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