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Because I’m usually fond of this kind of post and always discover something new, I’m introducing a new type of post with a collection of things found out and on the web: here we begin!

May is filled with bank holidays in France : perfect occasions for little escapades. My crushes of last month include Callouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon and its terrific collections, and Chenonceau Castle in the Loire Valley (although it’s technically on the Cher river) for its amazing architecture, the strong women who lived in it, and its gardens (especially the vegetable garden).

  • It’s almost #old, but I really liked Suzy Menkes’ piece on refusing the bitchy side of fashion critique. Even if I think she’s rather spared, being a terribly influential and apparently adorable person, I applaud her integrity and benevolence.
  • Aboard the same train of thoughts,  I appreciated this article on rugby player and (apparently) gentleman Jonny Wilkinson.
  • By the way, I’m not really a sports person, and 2014 big sports event, the Sotchi Olympic games, and the football cup in Brazil really made me question the place of Sports in our society. However, never being short of a paradox), I’ve begun to watch Friday Night lights and like it very much so far.
  • Speaking about sports: I’ve taken Aquafitness (it’s full of old ladies, but quite physical if done properly). Of course, I’d like a prettier outfit than my plain jane sport bikini. Were I more experienced, I’d definitely tackle Papercut Patterns Soma swimsuit, preferably in two colors (keep on dreaming, Carlotta)!
  • This month, I try to make an effort and sport a nice hairdo every day. So far I’ve sort of succeeded, but despite the many tutorials available on Pinterest, I’m usually stuck with the 4-5 hairdos I already master. Seriously, who really manages that or that, or even that in the morning? Unless it’s because of my too-fine hair nature? I’d like to know!

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