Me-made-may – 2

#mmay14 - 2Here we are : Me-made-may is over. I am pleased to say I succeeded by wearing at least one handmade or altered garment a day. While that’s nice, it has been nonetheless difficult : my handmade clothes are not very varied, nor numerous, nor warm. I repeated outfits many times, and I’ve been chilly most of the month. 

Let’s have a look at figures : there were 6 skirts, 5 dresses, 2 tops, 1 coat and 20 photos. What should I conclude from this?

  •  I used a total of only 14 clothes, 5 of them (my dirndl skirts) are way too simple : sewing is important for me, but my production is not-so-important : I should actually make and wear more.
  • fashion bloggers live a hard life : I only documented two tiny thirds of the month and my boyfriend and I were bored to death with it (on the other hand, he got better at girlfriend photography, which is nice).
  • the top three of most worn clothes is occupied by my coat, my shirtdress, and the plaid shirt you can see in my MMMay photos. All three are very recent makes that are technically more advanced than everything I did before. Regarding both quality and style, I seem to sew in the good direction.
  • I said it already, but my me-made style is more feminine than what I’m used to. I can’t tell wether it’s a good thing.
  • the challenge has been an excellent way to realize the “holes” in my handmade wardrobe : only two tops (well, it’s because I live in Petit Bateau the rest of the time) and absolutely zero pants? Something should be done.

I’m happy I took this challenge : it was a bit hard (it’s the point of a challenge, right?), but since I was forced to wear and observe my makes, I feel like I know my sewing self much better. Who knows? maybe MMMay is a decent base for initiatives like Wardrobe architect or the Wearability project.

More generally, I’ve been setting myself some monthly challenges (no shopping at all, writing…) for a quarter, and wether I succeed or not, it tends to boost my creativity. I think I’ll keep doing that.

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