Pink & plaid – 1

I never, ever wear any shirt. I’ve owned some of course, but I never got to wear them on a daily basis. It’s mostly due to my morphology: no body will ever fit ready-to-wear standards perfectly, and mine is no exception. Every shirt I’ve ever tried was too large in the back and at the shoulders and had a slight gap at the bust: not really up to my taste – in fact, for a long time, I had been telling myself that I wasn’t built to wear shirts, period.

Yet, at the top of Me-made-may podium, there was this little thing! This winner, both very comfy and rather nicely fitting, has been used several times. Like my coat and my two shirtdresses, it’s a technical milestone for me: although it’s officially a blouse, it’s my first “shirt-like” garment, with a collar, collar stand, cuffs, French seams and such.

I don’t want to sound like I’m too happy about it, however: I’m super proud of my plaid matching and my collar stand, of course, but my topstitching could be better, my buttons don’t all match together, and since the pattern only offered three quarter length sleeves and I wanted long ones, I decided to lenghten them. Well, that was a bad idea: they’re not only too long, they’re puffy! That’s the reason why I usually roll up the sleeves like I did on the pictures.

Since I wasn’t too sure about my skills, I used a fabric I wouldn’t mind missing too much: I liked its texture and light weight (it’s a kind of veil), but I feared such a bright color/strong pattern wouldn’t be too flattering against my face (still not sure about that). But now I don’t care anymore and love this shirt no matter what : its bright pink always gets me in a good mood, and the bold pattern drives attention to my face. I also like its faux geek, lumberjack/hipster Barbie side, very different from what I’m used to wear. Plus, you know: it’s the first shirt that actually fits me and that passed the test of me-made-may. Who could ask for anything more?

Photographs by Madhya.

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