Pink & plaid – 2

The world is filled with different skirts : straight skirts, pencil skirts, A-line skirts, pleated skirts, pleated skirts, tiered skirts, maxi skirts, asymetric skirts… I tried many of them, but I always come back to flared skirts (in French, we call them corolle skirts, for the flowers) that fit at the waist. 

There are many reasons to this : this type of garment is very flattering for the silhouette _ not so common in ready-to-wear _ as so easy to wear : unlike with pencil skirts, you don’t have to care about visible panty line (which, for the record, I still think is way better than no panty at all)… You just throw on a tight-fitting T-shirt, plunge in the skirt, zip it up and voilà, you’re the 2014 version of 1959 Brigitte Bardot (not that I would dare to compare myself with legendary BB, for real) for the day.

Amongst flared skirts, there are many varieties as well : pannelled skirts, umbrella skirts, circle skirts… but my favorite is the dirndl skirt : not only is it less susceptible to give you the “Marilyn effect” on a bicycle than circle skirts, it is also as easy to make as it is to wear ; your waist measurement, two meters of fabric, and you’re done. I love it.

There isn’t much more to say about this skirt, except it’s obviously done in the same fabric as my shirt. Unfortunately, because of the proportions or the bold pattern, the two don’t go so well together (Madhya took one picture, so we could all have a good laugh)… Despite an undeniable Barbie side, I used it almost as much as the shirt last may. Sometimes, the simplest recipes work best.

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