Oh, beauty!


Sharon Tate, Britt Eckland, Monica Vitti, Marianne Faithful, Catherine Deneuve, Miss Dior, Tuesday Wield, Brigitte Bardot

I often wonder what to do with my face or my body, but until now I never wondered about having a beauty ideal. Not only do I appreciate beauty in all its variety, but the very idea of a beauty ideal (or things such as ’10 most beautiful something’ rankings) seems a bit absurd to me: deciding that this actress, this model is the most beautiful woman in the world (or in your opinion) is a bit pointless to my eyes, but above all, what’s the use of setting an ideal if you can’t reach it?

Well, this is all the fault of Elixie (a bit) and of Pinterest (a lot). It all started with this picture of Tuesday Wield: the seed from which grew this board of blondes in black and white. That’s how it appeared: this familiar face, with high cheekbones, sensual lips, big dark eyes, framed by a thick blond mane… This could be the face of the sixties and seventies, my favorite decades for style and music. To my utter dismay, I even realized that the avatar I picked (René Gruau’s original Miss Dior) shares the same dark eyes and pouffy blond hair.

I say “to my utter dismay”, because the fact I do have an ideal after all doesn’t change a thing to my original opinion: I actually feel a little trapped and frustrated! There’s no way I can turn my eyes to dark brown or make my hair grow into a thick mane: my eyes will remain clear and my hair too fine. Sometimes I wish I’d remain ignorant about myself…

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