In praise of cleavage


Of course this issue certainly varies in different countries, since modesty standards probably differ between Europe, America and Asia, but from my point of view, blogs display much less cleavage than girls do IRL (whereas they display more legs, barebacks or midriffs). Is it because cleavage is not so trendy these days? I remember reading a book from French designer Chantal Thomass. It was written in the 90’s, and she advised not to conceal, and even to show a pretty bra _ I feel like it would be different today… Maybe fashion is more about legs nowadays, I’m not sure. But when I’m out (and not in nightclubs), ‘real girls’ seem to wear deeper necklines than what I’m used to see on my screen. Why such a difference?

Fashion on blogs _at least in France_ is much different from the fashion you can see in the streets (I’m not talking about fashion week streetstyle, of course). Most autors and readers are women, and aside from having an interesting blog people would be eager to read (which is already much, I admit), I don’t think there’s seduction there. Moreover, internet has a rather magnifying effect: unless a girl has a really small bust and is willing to follow the Jane Birkin way, which is rather bad taste-proof, a girl can easily be called vulgar, or even be accused to attract a different kind of readership; I understand why some would avoid that.

However, I think I like cleavages. Sometimes they show something about a person that you can’t tell just by looking at a face: the spine of a back, a tan line or a white skin with blue veins, a strap or a piece of lace, revealing a taste for lingerie. As for myself, it exposes what is somehow my trademark : a few of my numerous beauty spots _ and I love beauty spots. No, really: I do like cleavages.

Above, a deep yet very respectable neckline – very Dior.

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