Fall style: sweet & sour

I have a confession to make : I’m fascinated by a certain archetypal character : the French Bourgeoise, the very type played by Catherine Deneuve, portrayed by Helmut Newton, and, of course, dressed by Yves Saint-Laurent. Last year’s restrospective of the couturier’s work was very influential on this season’s collections, and to my great pleasure, seventies are on trend again. But after going to the YSL Rive Gauche (Saint-Laurent’s ready-to-wear line) exhibition, and reading his biography by Laurence Benaïm, I must say I would be under Saint-Laurent’s influence anyway. Since I have plenty new year resolutions to achieve (and that I need to wear something on my back), I figured I could use some of his vibrant colors for this fall sewing.

What’s unusual though, is that I’m going against my penchant for the seventies regarding figures. It must be because I’m so glad I discovered high waists and can’t get enough of them (yet), so I’ll mix these acid colors with the soft spot I have for the late fifties/early sixties fashion. This fall’s fashion icon is Catherine Deneuve in The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, rather than Faye Dunawaye in Eyes of Laura Mars. But is it very sensible to pick the provincial pregnant teenager over the sexy photographer?

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