Fall style: sweet & sour

I have a confession to make : I’m fascinated by a certain archetypal character : the French Bourgeoise, the very type played by Catherine Deneuve, portrayed by Helmut Newton, and, of course, dressed by Yves Saint-Laurent. Last year’s restrospective of the couturier’s work was very influential on this season’s collections, and to my great pleasure,Continue reading “Fall style: sweet & sour”

The Donkeyskin complex

This blog has been a little drowsy lately. I haven’t been idle (I even made big progress on my summer essentials), but my (usually pretty vivid) coquetry definitely was: readers, I think I suffer from a Donkeyskin complex. The Donkeyskin complex (Donkeyskin seems like a fairly French fairytale, but as you can check here, it’sContinue reading “The Donkeyskin complex”