Last days of summer

Woops! I’m late to share this summer dress _ yet summer is late too, so maybe that makes us even. But it’s still summer here till tomorrow! Then this dress will enjoy some vacation time in my cabinets, sadly, because it’s one of my favorites for summer. I pinned a lot of dresses of this kind in my summer-spring inspiration board, because they’re so fresh (it’s sometimes better to cover up than to show a lot of skin in the heat) and elongate the figure quite nicely. Most girls I know are into it, the boys… not so much (I think I heard the words “pregnancy style” a few times.

Yet, I never had any dress of this style until I made this one : I certainly tried on a lot of them, but ready-to-wear designs tend to save on fabric, and usually long dresses look a bit more like columns than like hot air balloons, and I personnally wanted my long dresses to have plenty of volume.

I’m not used to this type of length, and nowadays, wearing a dress this long feels definitely princess-y! I have to watch my steps, and to hold the skirt with two hands when getting up and down the stairs : that’s funny at first, but beware if you’re visiting high, slippery towers in Florence. I always feel like I occupy a lot more space than usual when wearing this dress!

I made it last year and, sadly, it’s beginning to age a little : the black is getting grey-ish, and despite my care and occasional mending, some stitches are gone… No problem though : I’m more than ready to make a replacement : I now know long dresses are a summer staple indeed…

Pictures by Noctvrna!


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