I don’t wear that many shirts. Well, that’s not as true as it used to be. It all began with Me-made-may 2014. Once the month was over, I realized my most-worn garment was actually this neon pink buffalo plaid shirt… Something I would have deemed improbable, since I really, really had doubts about the color, the loud print and the unfortunate blousy sleeves. Yet I have worn it more times than I can count, and even in a professional context!

This meant I had to reiterate the experience; for this I used a lovely blue textured cotton, a sort of fabric I also favor for menswear (not that I sew Menswear, mind you, I simply buy shirts from time to time). It turned out to be a bad idea, since this very fabric turned out a bit too soft for a shirt, yet clung to my machine in a most disagreeable manner. I pains me to say it, but sometimes, even for a plain result, sewing is hard.

Yet, once I was done with the sewing, I was very happy with my new shirt: surely it’s not perfect, but it’s very versatile. My laundry basket, this complex ecosystem, now has to count with a new specie, rival of the T-shirt. Poor T-shirts still are the dominant specie, but they sure have trouble ahead : this new kind may be more sophisticated, but it adapts easily to many new environments (it seems fine for backpacking, but will also look great at a job interview), and reproduces quickly: these pictures were taken last spring, but I’ve just finished my sixth shirt/blouse/you name it. The balance of my frail laundry basket sure is precarious!

Pictures by Noctvrna!

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