If everything goes well, by the time this article is written, I’ll be on my way to Thailand.

Since we intend to wander around the country, we’re taking our back packs. It’s my first time. It’s certainly not the first time I’m traveling far away from my country, but until now, I mostly stayed in urban areas, which allowed me to use a suitcase (and I’m a master at packing a mini suitcase). I’m shared between impatience (the country! the food! the elephants!) and apprehension (what about malaria? what to read, what if we get lost?) and since the only thing I can change at this point is my backpack, all my anxieties are now focused on this poor accessory: should I take two bikinis? is my “shirts only” policy reasonable? is our emergency kit too big or too small? Of course, I’ve read everything I could on the subject, but between minimalist travel bloggers, wandering around the world with a bag that’s even smaller than my high-school backpack and my fancier, girlier lifestyle, there’s a serious gap!

I’ve sewn a lot these last weeks to prepare my upcoming journey and bring what I hope will be an appropriate, well-curated wardrobe. It would’t make a lot of sense to write a long article about it before my travel (moreover, I’d like to try and take some pictures while I’m there), but I hope I’ll be able to share an account of how it worked there. Then, until I’m back, wish me nice vacations and lots of elephants (but without the chains, if you please, Dovima).

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