Pretty fifties

I’ve been quite angry at Galliera Museum (sorry, Palace) lately. Its last exhibitions, Paris Haute Couture and Alaïa, albeit beautiful, were also rather badly explained. And the very last one, Papier glacé was just plain advertising for Condé Nast (nice to look at, but I’d rather not pay for that). I felt really disappointed by the museum and itContinue reading “Pretty fifties”

Stylish movie: Paris when it sizzles – 1964

I was pretty sure I had seen every single one of fashion icon Audrey Hepburn “parisian” movies, but as it happens I had failed to watch Paris when it sizzles until now. Now I can see why it’s not her most famous : even Hepburn has shot in “so-so” movies. OK, maybe I’m exagerating there,Continue reading “Stylish movie: Paris when it sizzles – 1964”

Why do I sew?

“Handmade clothes increase the feeling that they blend in with us, with our flesh, but also with them who, patiently, made them to fit us” I’m currently reading Dressing, by Jane Sautière, and this sentence made me finally write this post. That’s it. That’s the reason why I sew. To find, beyond ready-to-wear’s anonymous clothes,Continue reading “Why do I sew?”