For your fingernails

rené-gruau-dior-vernisAlways in pursuit of time-consuming hobbies, I would like to learn crochet. I went to a meeting of knitters and crocheters and soon realized something that surprised me very much : a lot of the girls there wore nail polish (I see tons of  fancy nail polish on fashion blogs, but don’t tend see much of them in real life). But after a while it made sense : as knitters, their hands are constantly close to heir eyes, no wonder they’re drawn to take special care of those! They reminded me of my friend Juliette, who sews a lot by hand and has brigh red nails.

My own hands are not that pretty. I’m afraid I don’t take care of them properly, and never polish my nails. Unfortunately, my nails don’t have the beautiful, delicate almond shape I admire on others. a few months ago, they even began to mutate : like anybody playing a string instrument, the nails of my left hand have shortened, and the tip of my fingers have hardened. Two features that are not particularly feminine, but make me happier than any of my vain attemps to polish my nails : whereas I used to try to make my hands as ‘neutral’ as possible, these very hands have become a sign. They now say something about me, people can now decipher them. I wish it were that simple with clothes…

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