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rene-gruau-lingerie-diorThis month, lingerie is all I can think of. I feel like my brain had been replaced by a knickers drawer. But I must admit that there were a lot of things to drive me to the subject, lately…

  • First there was this post from fashion blogger Alix (aka the Cherry Blossom Girl), a preview of her work with Etam. I’ve seen the lingerie ensembles in store last friday and it’s not something I would actually wear, but this made me wonder what would my collection look like, were I given the chance to design one (as you may recall, I consider underwear to be just as important as ‘regularwear’_ and oh well, I just love lingerie).
  • Then, there was this post from Isabelle (check out her blog, it’s in French but she’s a former stylist with an amazing eye) dedicated to knickers (I hope I’m using the right word, by the way _ or should I say panties?). A few years ago knickers had to be low-waisted, unnoticeable or were even replaced by thongs, but now they’re back! Etam sells whole ‘semainiers’ (packs of 7) of knickers, brands like Strumpet and Pink now sell luxury knickers, even my favorite brand Princesse Tam-Tam made a limited edition of hand-embroidered knickers lately.
  • The following week, two bloggers talked about high-waisted, giant granny panties. Diglee seems to prefer lace (albeit teenage shoppers obviously prefer thongs), and Gertie appears to be a radical advocate of the plain nylon version (but seems to add lace and bows). I personnally rather like this one. Then, Woody wrote in Flavor magazine on how to wear slips outside (lucky girl also got an email from Australian label Hopeless… I’m green of envy!). This was quite obviously the lingerie assault. I could no longer resist.
  • Once again, I tried to find something on Etsy I knew wasn’t there, and found this shop. The tied knickers brought me there, I staid for the puff panties and I’m considering the frilly knickers, but there are also the peep-show panties if it’s your cup of tea. I sent an e-mail to the seller, and YES! In a charming answer, she told me she could draft the pattern of a balcony bra for me… Because even if I love knickers, there’s no way I could wear mismatched undergarments. Ah! The things you call ‘dignity’…

To be continued!

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