1973 capsule


I’m a vintage sewing patterns addict. There are many reasons to this addiction, from the lovely illustrations to my annoying tendancy to prefer the idea of a dress to the dress itself, but the main reason is certainly that when I buy a vintage pattern I feel like getting a time capsule. As a fashion history lover, I’m always eager to know more about the never-ending cycle of fashion, and how the home-sewing market adapted current trends. I’ve noticed that most of my favorite patterns are from 1973, an excellent year for Simplicity it seems. The company seems to have taken inspiration from contemporary brands Cacharel and Biba.

Why sould I talk about that, as I’m  currently tied to my desk with a ‘mémoire’ to write and can’t really develop on the subject (nor sew anything for that matter)? Well, there’s this dress I’m pretty much in love with, especially for the diamond-shaped midriff. I even took the time to read the sewing instruction during my lunch break, hence fully enjoying a bit of 1973, which seems to be my favorite fashion period (though one could argue that sewing instructions are pretty timeless), and I just wanted to remember that for later. Oh, and I know my illustrations don’t have anything to do with the purpose, but hey, they’re from 1973, too!

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