Head in a cloud (of images)

I’m not done with the gigantic paper I have to write yet, but phew! things are looking up. By the way, I hope you like the illustration today: the original was on auction at Christie’s last April, and I think it stands perfectly for the enchanting movie I’m currently working on, the quirky maze of my mind, and the atrocious headaches that strike me from time to time.

I don’t write nor sew currently, but it doesn’t mean I don’t think about it! On the contrary, since I discovered Pinterest, I just found a terrific new toy. ‘Terrific’ is appropriate, because I lost some time I couldn’t afford to lose on this website. The idea of putting together images of things you like is far from revolutionary, but I rather like the presentation (or maybe it was Amélie‘s kitten wall that made me sway).

Well, it changes everything! I usually stock every picture I like in the depths of my computer, but it isn’t really of much use (and I usually have a hard time finding them again). Pinterest obliges me to sort them from the beginning, and it’s quite funny to look at your boards and to see what inspired you yesterday and today: as an example, my Summer wardrobe inspiration board began as a rather fifties mood board, then shifted to nautical style, then to stripes, then to chevrons. You can surprise yourself, too. When I dedicated a board to black lingerie, I didn’t expect it to include straps of all sorts ; nor did I realize that I happen to like a particularly cliché type of girl. I can’t say much more at the moment (remember, I’m not done with my paper yet), but should you have lots of time to spend on the internet, I would highly recommend this thing. Just take care: the stuff is addictive!

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