My imaginary suitcase

Summer essentials 2011Phew! My mémoir is written at last! And I even had the time to sketch a little. I barely mentioned it, but I intend to participate to the 2011 edition of Summers Essentials Sew-along, despite the fact that this kind of challenges didn’t prove to be very successfull for me. But first, it seems that I need a certain discipline when it comes to sewing, and second, I just immensely love the creative process of picking various inspirations (from Brigitte Bardot to Clare McCardell and D&G lingerie) on a Pinterest board, in an attempt to make a coherent wordrobe out of this, to go to some imaginary destination.

In my case, this creative process always implies sketches. I’m unfortunately far from being as talented as Isabelle when it comes to draw stylish and realistic silhouettes, so my sketches are childish at best (and yes, I know my little ladies don’t have feet, and could you please not look too closely at their hands?), but here’s my plan above. Wherever I go this summer, I’d like the content of my suitcase to look like that:

1 a poppy red Crescent skirt

2 a ruffled navy gingham dress

3 a pair of gingham Ruby shorts

4 a simple stripe tee with kimono-ish sleeves

5 a chevron striped dress (frightening!)

6 Striped trousers

7 a few crazy projects such as a handbag, two belts, a wide-brimmed hat and a gingham bra.

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