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Back when I started this blog, I had big, big sewing plans, and among them, a jacket or a coat. It didn’t happen : I’m a big procrastinator and a leather jacket wearer. Plus coats are a bit intimidating, right? However, when Eleonore, the talented designer behind Deer and doe released the  Pavot jacket, it suddenly seemed… feasible. It took me some time, but here I am : I made a coat _ quite a milestone in a seamstress’ life. 



One of the perks (among other things) of sewing is that you can virtually make anything you want : unique clothes filled with little details carefully chosen and designed by yours truly. I wanted to give it a seventies edge, so I lengthened it a bit, made the peter pan collar a bi pointier, added pleats in the back and on the sleeves, as well as a martingale. However, my favorite parts are the ones remaining invisible : while I loved my soft, biscuit-colored cotton twill, I dislike coats that don’t have a lining. There are plenty instructions on how to draft a lining on the web, but that seemed tedious, so I just cut the main pieces in a lovely pink silk charmeuse and hong-kong finished all the seams with Liberty bias _ maybe I should revise my definition of “tedious”…



This coat is not by any mean perfect (my buttons and buttonholes could be better and the shell fabric creases easily), but I’ve proudly worn it very often since mach, when I made it. By contrast, I noticed I don’t usually wear very often the clohes I made for myself. Hence I dedided to take part to Zoe’s Me-made-may challenge this year and try to wear one handmade garment a day. Let’s see if I can do it!

Pretty pictures of the Passage des panoramas were kindly taken by my friend Madhya (@ Noctvrna)

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