I took the opportunity of our photo session with Madhya to take this skirt in picture as well. When I brought this fabric home, my boyfriend confirmed my vague fears : yes, this fabric looks a bit like an old lady’s curtains. It’s undeniable I’m a bit of an old lady myself : I drink chamomille tea, which I don’t really need since I start dozing around 10.45 PM when we’re out. I’m a (crazy?) cat lady since I was a toddler, and during winter, I wear full-length slips in order to be cozy under my dresses. 

My boyfriend’s teasing reminded me of Stella Polarispost (sorry it’s in French). Although she’s undeniably  more elegant than myself, she was asking the same questions about wearing vintage, that I’m asking myself about my old lady’s curtain fabric : how to wear it without looking costumey, or without looking like an old lady yourself? Well, good quality clothes certainly help, but sexiness is a very good help, too. It’s true : a very high heel, seamed stockings or very red lips often make everything better. It’s a shame I’m a creature of comfort : on these pictures, I’m wearing the same nude Dim-up stockings my 96 years old great-grandmother wears (!), because I like to be warm, and flat golden shoes from… Clarks (yep), cause I hate sore feet… and, of course, I made a skirt from this fabric. I have some left. I’m considering a dress.

Just call me granny already.

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