Me-made-may – 1

Me-made-may-2014-1As previously stated, I challenged myself to take part of Me-made-may for the first time, wearing a handmade or refashioned garment everyday. Like many seamstresses, I noticed I didn’t wear my handmade clothes that often (with the exception of my Pavot coat): on a day-to-day basis, I end to slip into my ready-to-wear jeans, tees and cardigans. 

Why is that? The quality of my handmade clothes is often superior to the quality of my ready-to-wear clothes (sometimes it’s not, but it doesn’t look like it), so I should be eager to wear them… Taking part of me-made-may (with photographic evidence) should help answering this question.

Two weeks later, I already have a few clues. First, except when I left for sunny Lisbon, I had to layer a lot: I sew too much for the brief French summer, but not enough for mid-season.

Second clue: second only to my coat, the garment I used the most (tough slightly unfinished) is my plaid shirt, which pairs correctly with jeans and cardis. It seems I sew a more feminine wardrobe than my usual one _ or maybe I’m still stuck wih my Donkeyskin complex (not a skin disease, I swear).

Third clue: I moved away a lot these past years, and I had to sort and ditch everything that didn’t feel  right, handmade included. Only my last project remain, and particularly, the remains of my last summerly obsession for dirndl skirts. As a consequence, I wear much of the same and I’m already bored.

Will I be able to reverse the trend on the second half of may? Hm…

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