At ‘Made in France’

Last week, I accompanied someone I currently work with to Made in France, “salon de la haute façon”, an annual trade show rassembling France’s best toll manufacturers. That was the first time I visited a trade show, and I discovered a special atmosphere… as well as the samples displaying the manufacturers’ best work. There were someContinue reading “At ‘Made in France’”


Isn’t spring fabulous? Always managing to make me doubt of its very existence, then appearing when I forgot everything about its supposed come-back (and letting me die of heat under my winter coat). But some parisians remembered to hear the weather report this week and sat in shirts at tables outside of the cafés, andContinue reading “Bloom!”

Mini bloomers & men’s pajamas

I look rather silly, sort-of-dancing like that, but hey, I was listening to the Kinks (at least I had fun)! Yes, it’s been a long time! But that was actually the time it took me to move my blog (super tough for a definitely-not-geek person) and decide whether I wanted to post (bad) pictures ofContinue reading “Mini bloomers & men’s pajamas”

On planned wardrobes

For clothes lovers, sewing (if you’re sufficently experienced, that is), is a kind of superpower  you no longer need to rush to the stores for something that fits or simply for whatever specific item you’re eager to wear, all you have to do is to sew! Yet, it’s only recently that I really understood whatContinue reading “On planned wardrobes”

About outfit pictures

Bloody hell. When I wrote my new year resolutions, I took the decision to document my daily life and outfits. My small flat lacking light, and lacking myself of photographic skills and talent, I totally neglected this part, even if I was pleased with some of my outfits (Dr. Sketchy’s Weimar Berlin, January 9th), wentContinue reading “About outfit pictures”

Spring planning

I don’t blog, but hey, I sew and think nevertheless! My man’s pajama is 3/4 finished, I now have a new (lined) skirt, and have decided to join Colette pattern’s Spring palette challenge, as it fitted well in my wishes for a coherent wordrobe. First step for this week : choosing a palette as theContinue reading “Spring planning”