Stylish movie: Paris when it sizzles – 1964

I was pretty sure I had seen every single one of fashion icon Audrey Hepburn “parisian” movies, but as it happens I had failed to watch Paris when it sizzles until now. Now I can see why it’s not her most famous : even Hepburn has shot in “so-so” movies. OK, maybe I’m exagerating there,Continue reading “Stylish movie: Paris when it sizzles – 1964”

The shirtdress

Is there any type of garment more magical than a dress? With, maybe, the coat, the dress is the only garment that really draws a silhouette. Other types of clothes have to work together to compose a silhouette, an ensemble _ only the dress is self-sufficient. I didn’t wear any during a long time: asContinue reading “The shirtdress”

Me-made-may – 1

As previously stated, I challenged myself to take part of Me-made-may for the first time, wearing a handmade or refashioned garment everyday. Like many seamstresses, I noticed I didn’t wear my handmade clothes that often (with the exception of my Pavot coat): on a day-to-day basis, I end to slip into my ready-to-wear jeans, tees andContinue reading “Me-made-may – 1”

Panorama pavot

Back when I started this blog, I had big, big sewing plans, and among them, a jacket or a coat. It didn’t happen : I’m a big procrastinator and a leather jacket wearer. Plus coats are a bit intimidating, right? However, when Eleonore, the talented designer behind Deer and doe released the  Pavot jacket, itContinue reading “Panorama pavot”

Why do I sew?

“Handmade clothes increase the feeling that they blend in with us, with our flesh, but also with them who, patiently, made them to fit us” I’m currently reading Dressing, by Jane Sautière, and this sentence made me finally write this post. That’s it. That’s the reason why I sew. To find, beyond ready-to-wear’s anonymous clothes,Continue reading “Why do I sew?”