Sweetheart variations – 2

I already said so : I’m a creature of habits : re-reading a book, re-watching a movie, re-making a sewing pattern don’t annoy me at all ; quite the contrary : once the first time has passed, I appreciate even more any detail, style effect, or simply the narration. More practically, when it comes to patterns,Continue reading “Sweetheart variations – 2”

I’ll be your mirror

Last week-end, I went to a wedding. It rained (it’s considered lucky in France, but I think it’s mostly to compensate for the lack of sun at your wedding), we drunk, danced and celebrated. I had (of course) made my own dress for the occasion. But there’s more: I might be slightly deranged, but IContinue reading “I’ll be your mirror”

Stylish movie: Paris when it sizzles – 1964

I was pretty sure I had seen every single one of fashion icon Audrey Hepburn “parisian” movies, but as it happens I had failed to watch Paris when it sizzles until now. Now I can see why it’s not her most famous : even Hepburn has shot in “so-so” movies. OK, maybe I’m exagerating there,Continue reading “Stylish movie: Paris when it sizzles – 1964”